Worship Revival


To spread and promote the worship of the Lord.

Cultivating true worshippers to offer pure worship to yahweh.

Providing an atmosphere to worship Yahweh.

Teaching believers to live a lifestyle of worship.

Teaching about the abundance of power in the presence of God through worship.


Unfiltered Gospel


Sharing the word of God uncompromisingly.

The standard of truth for daily living is the Holy Bible, not human opnions.

To help believers to sharpen their swords of the spirit - Encourage study of God's word




The preparation for heaven starts RIGHT NOW - tomorrow is not promised.

Teaching sinners that a total around (repentence) is required and no sin is too much for the Lord to forgive while still living. 

Teaching believers that once saved, is not forever saved, a lifestyle of holiness and righteousness is required to go to heaven. For without holiness, no man will see the Lord - Hebrews 12:14.

The Prophetic - Over 3500 prophecies delivered


"The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy" - Revelation 19:10


To teach Christians to walk into the baptism of the Holy Spirit, have a relationship with God and hear from Him.  

Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, to show believers the strategies to winning spiritual warfare.

To build army of prophetic intercessors, whose prayers are inspired by the Holy Ghost and do not pray amiss James 4:3.

To teach about the realm of the prophetic, and show prophetic students the ways of hearing and uncompromisingly sharing the heart of God.

Breakig  believers frees from the oppression of false prophets by training them to  walk in the prophetic through holy and righteous living.

Spiritual Warfare


Rasing believers with intimate relationships with the Lord and strong spiritual authorities 

Teaching believers to put on the whole amour of God, and to war spiritually.

Advancing apostolics works of rivals, signs and miracles


Intercession For the Nations


Interceding for the nations of the world as the Lord speaks concerning the nations

Teaching believers to pray for leaders regardless of their political affiliation and interests, all leaders are chosen by God - Romans 13:1

Teaching believers to move the hands of heaven concerning for nations all around the world