Welcome to the the ministry of Ebenezer and Abigail Gabriels, the founding pastors of LightHill Church


The heart of their message is the Worship of YHWH. Their lives is devoted to the worship of Yahweh and sharing the unfiltered gospel.  Called as a worshipper and prophet, Ebenezer is blessed with strong prophetic insights and brings the message of holiness and righteousness to God's people. Through their ministry, the power of the Holy Spirit continues to bring remarkable deliverance into the lives of many and miracles continues to flow. He holds a honors degree in Mathematics and Computing from the University of Greenwich, England. He is a Computer Technologist who has  developed and published several apps on the app store.


His wife Abigail is an Intercessor, a Teacher of the word, a Writer and a Data Scientist. She's the founder of Fellow Woman., a ministry dedicated to building up prayerful women who desire to fulfill their destinies in Christ Jesus.


Together with his wife, their ministry intercedes for nations, leaders, communities and families.

The Encounter


As a child, the word of the Lord came to his mother, that her son a servant of God. Growing up, Prophet Ebenezer grew up in church as a worshipper, and lived in-and-out-of rebellion until the Lord saved him. When he got saved and delivered, he sought God deeply to discover the One whom had shown Him so much love in from the foundation of his life. He would go on extended dry fast, worship and prayers for the love of God. The Lord's visitation flowed in, and he received the assignment to lead God's people into pure worship.


In June 2016, while worshipping  at home with my family, I heard the voice of the Lord, saying to me, "I have delivered you from the furnace of afflication. I  am calling you to a place of deeper consecration. I’ll teach you my ways, I will be your teacher, I'll show you my words, I will converse with you like a man speaks to His friends beyond every shadow of doubt. I am restoring the ancient altars and releasing the spirit of true worship to lift up my name on earth.  I have given unto you the mantle of worship and I am sending you  to cultivate worshippers, and provide an atmosphere for my people to encounter me through undiluted worship. Lead my people back to me in worship".  

Following this encounter, subsequent visions and words were received. Together with his wife, they started to host worship & prayer meetings, lead bible study groups, help people walk in greater spiritual power through leading of the Holy Spirit in their ministry.