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Leading souls back to the worship of YHWH and preaching the unfiltered gospel of the Lord

Entering Into God's Holy Presence Through Worship


A call to worship Yahweh is a profound privilege. The invitation is extended to everyone - we are all born to worship God. Surprisingly, the Lord gives the power of choice, but only a few walk into that invitation.


The devil is no stranger into God’s presence, "on another day the angels came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came with them to present himself before him" - Job 2:1. Satan seeks to hinder people from having the glorious encounter of the presence of the King of kings by luring them into counterfeit worship - worship of all other things but the Living God.


True worship only arise from deep within a broken and contrite heart, from a body which is dead to flesh and is laid down as a living sacrifice to God. Way beyond the loud music and creative stage designs. Profound worship is accompanied by the raw power of God, manifested through the power of the Holy Spirit which takes us into God’s presence.


True worship, in our own human description is the like the purest of waters,  flowing from the only the jars that are stainless.