US Economy, Politics, President Trump : Prophetic Word for 2018:

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Here is the prophetic word given by the Lord concerning US economy, politics and President Trump's administration in 2018:  

US Economy

The Lord is restoring the nation of America. The economy will rise again. Many will say they are afraid that things are going too well. Not to be afraid, the economy will grow in multiple digits, the stock market will experience this growth it.  Those who know their God will be strong and do exploits. They will begin to understand the signs of the time, to harvest the resources of the heathen. It will be a great year for the sectors of oil and mineral resources and oil sector.

A major restructuring is coming to the social security program in 2018, shaking a lot of people out of their comfort zone and causing them to rise up. The prices of commodity will fall as this restructure takes place - says the spirit of the Lord.

US Politics

US Politics 

It’s going to be a year where more republicans will be in power. The democrats will continue to lose seats. It is the year of justice. There is going to be a great setback to the one-world agenda. My name shall be praised across the nations of the earth.

President Trump's Administration

The next 7 years will be season of abundance. It will be 7 years of plentiful opportunities and the same administration, Trump Presidency,  for the next 7 years.

Many will say 2018 is the impeachment of President Trump is here, it will not happen because the assignment of my servant is not over - says the spirit of the Lord. In fact, He will gain further majority, preparing  him for the next election year. The Lord says  - I am gathering momentum for this country to be able to break the bounds of iniquity. To restore the ancient landmarks, for those who do not understand history will not understand inheritance, those who don’t understand inheritance will be unequally yoked raising up issues of gender equality, racial equality for their own benefit when in fact all men and women are equal before the Lord.

Pray for President Trump, that the enemy will not use his health to ruin the nation. Because of the things he has been chosen to do, to steer the nation away from the path of iniquity, I have averted destruction  and he has changed the history of America, says the spirit of the Lord.  The prayers of the saints and their worship will continue to break the the spirit of iniquity upon this nation. Believers need to continue to dedicate the nation back to the Lord.

Rumors of War

In the vision, I also saw a solider putting on his shoes again - The spirit of the Lord says this means that America is being restored. In 2018, different nations will tease America to war, the  hands of the Lord will stand with America. Whoever attempts to go to war with America will retreat back to its holes.




Prayer Focus For USA and the Trump Administration


Let your hands move over the nation of America

Bless the leaders with the spirit of wisdom, in the name of Jesus

Let your name be praised all across America, Lord

Help us walk in your inheritance o Lord

We pray that you protect the president and his household

Every spirit of iniquity, be broken in the name of Jesus all across the nation

We pray for the health of the president, that you give him strength and perfect health in the name of Jesus

We silence forever the voice of the spirit of Athalia and Jezebel over this nation, in the name of Jesus

We pray for peace and love to reign in America and all around the world in Jesus name