Prophetic Word for the Church in 2018

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Thus says the Lord concerning the Church in 2018.

A year of coming of age for believers


It is a year of coming to age, a year where children will get into maturity, whatever you do in the past, a season to put them away. Put away childish behavior, it is a year to take me more seriously, a year to take your salvation more seriously.  A year of uncompromising righteousness and the righteous shall flourish like the palm tree. It is a year that those who know their Lord will do great exploits, those who understand the secret of worship will triumph.


As many as trust in the Lord, 2018 will be the year where the lowly man on the street will know that I am the Lord. Instead of the lies told them to keep them in abject poverty, the little man on the streets will understand that “ they can be great too”, they will know that instead of being termed little man, they can become powerful as well.


As a believer,  you’ll survive 2018 by total obedience to the spirit of the Lord.  It is a year of “no obedience no glory, no obedience no victory.  I’m creating a new path, a path of righteousness, for those that walk in it shall see my manifestation, says the spirit of the Lord.

A year of judgement starting from the church


2018 shall also be a year of judgement starting especially from the house of the Lord. Tell those who has ears to hear what the spirit is saying to the church. A lot more false ministers of the gospel will be caught with their pants down. Some will be caught with their mouths full. Some will be caught in their hour of weakness, says the spirit of the Lord.


It is a year that devours its inhabitants, except for those whom the Lord has established in His covenants and found righteous. It is a year of sudden death, people who have refused to repent, all of a sudden will be no more. The hands of the Lord will be pruning his church, because of the unfaithfulness of these rogue servants, the devil will have access to their lives to disgrace and and would want to undermine Christianity as a whole. However, children of God, do not be afraid, the Lord will defend the defenseless - says the spirit of the Lord.


2018 will be a year of shame and disgrace for those who have been profiteering from the word of God, who have been fleecing my sheep, says the Lord.


There’ll be a great powerful prayer moment in America and across the nations of the world, and the name of the Lord will be worshipped. There will also be persecution and in this, more believers will rise up. Those who know their God will be strong and do great exploits.


The Lord wants to show the church the meaning of true worship. Think of worship as the bride of Christ who is humble and will not stand taller than the King. The church needs to understand the posture of bowing down, how to worship while bowing the posture of their hearts in humility and the king drawing the church closer to Him as a result.  Be reminded about the story of Esther. If the church will bow, the King will draw the church closely and the scepter of authority will be released back to the church.

The church will be able to decree a thing. It is also the year of coming of age for the church, a year of wielding of the sword, says the sprit of the Lord.

The Church & The Homosexual Movement


There shall be increased persecution of believers in the USA. A great tussle between what is right and wrong. With prayers, the believers shall rise and overcome. There will be a big blow to the homosexual movement.

The Catholic Church


I saw  a lot of buildings will collapse, the foundations of many buildings will be shaken, all over the world.  In my vision, I saw a church building,  and the arc to the entrance and saw it broke. I asked the Lord what that meant, He said to me, Something major will hit Rome in 2018.  the seat of Catholic Diocese will bring a lot to the open. If believers are not careful, the exposure will erode the value of  Christianity, which may bring  negative impacts to Christianity. The church needs to continue to pray.

Prayer Focus For the Church


We pray that the church will worship the Lord in truth and in spirit

Let the power of your Holy Spirit continue to minister to the church

We pray that you give us a heart that seek after you Lord

We pray that you uproot evil foundations in our churches

The gates of hell will not prevail over the church in the name of Jesus

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