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The Lord gave me a prophetic word for Nigeria  concerning the political climate in Nigeria and the Church.

God is set to allow the military adminstration to return to Nigeria, to put the churches back to order and to purify the nation. Believers need to arise to pray unto the Lord to avert this.


The Lord showed me a vision where I saw the image of Tunde Idiagbon in full military regalia. The spirit of the Lord told me, this means that the spirit of this man is coming back. This means there is a leader who is going to rise up to power in Nigeria with authority to shape up people. I saw this man in ceremonial military outfit, as he disciplines people, he continues to smile. 

The Lord says, the military is coming back to Nigeria.This is almost a final decision in heaven, says the spirit of the Lord.


Judgement Coming to the Church 

When this military personality comes in, He will deal with the church first. This is a situation where the church is bringing judgement upon a nation, when the church is supposed to be the protection of a nation. All sorts of churches will be closed down, massive persecution will begin, people will be marched out of churches, it will be a dance of shame. And  a situation where birds will go out to feed on body of the people.


The Lord wants to purify the nation. It is through persecution that purification builds up. The Lord wants to move through Nigeria. God wants to use Nigeria to shine its light, and Nigeria needs to be purified. Believers are called to rise up in prayers, so this does not happen.If believers will not rise up to pray to avert this situation, It’ll take another 14 years to get out of the military rule. People will be shocked for the first 7 years and the next 7 years will be spent on thinking of how to get the nation out. 




In the vision, I saw people’s hands tied and raised up, being matched on the streets, and people became calm and gentle, especially the church, as a result of military discipline. There’s going to be the presence of heavy military on the streets of Nigeria. 


The Lord said to me, “Tell the church to pray! It is almost a final decision in heaven”. 


Another name the Lord mentioned to me is Agunyi Ironsi, a past leader in Nigeria.  The spirits of Agunyi Ironsi and Tunde Idiagbon are rising back up. The factions of these past leaders will be split into two. One will be stationed in the North, one stationed in Lagos and they are going to be the two major powers. 


The Lord said, it will be a situation where regular programs will be interrupted and the same screen will go live all across the nation. It was not so much of a panic but an interruption of the regular TV programs across the nation. 


I saw Nigeria and her children became comfortless. The hear the spirit of the Lord say, “If I could only find 10 faithful servants of the Lord in that country”,  I will save the land. If I could find 10 faithful who have not bowed down to Baals, I will save the land.


Under this new alliance, the military will be beefed up in such a rapid way especially the air-force and the navy. The Lord said to me, “Nigeria can be compared to a goat who has lost its shoes and complaining of being mocked”.


I hear the Lord say, “THE CHURCH IS IN PERPETUAL STATE OF SLUMBER”.  This is a situation where the church is bringing judgement on the nation when the church is supposed to be the protection of a nation. All sorts of churches will be closed down, massive persecution will begin, people will be marched out of churches, it will be a dance of shame. All these will begin like a joke, and it will start from the hands of a woman. Says the spirit of the Lord.


Judgement is coming for the churches, starting from Nigeria. He wants to purge the nation. Some ministers will take their own lives when things begin to unfold. In the vision, the Lord showed the image of a man who is supposed to be able to pass through a regular door but has grown out of proportion, and has his own entrance which can no longer contain  a regular man. I wondered what that meant, and the  The Holy Spirit said, “ A lot of acclaimed “men of God” has elevated themselves. They have become unapproachable, the people are unable to approach them. They have put themselves so high up there. And they have said in their hearts, I’ll make a dwelling for myself on the top of the mountain where people can see me. Those glass houses will be put down, says the spirit of the Lord.


Your prayers and intercession is needed for Nigeria. Believers, rise up in prayers to avert this situation.  As you commute, back to work and forth, or carry out your daily routine, 




Lord, have mercy on the nation of Nigeria.

Let the right leadership be in place in Nigeria from 2019 and beyond.

We pray against all forms of bloodshed in Nigeria.

We pray that the church will be purified in the name of Jesus.

We pray that Nigeria does comes out of slavery and does not go deeper into slavery in the name of Jesus.




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