Israel - Prophetic Word for the Nation of Isreal 2018

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In 2018, the nation of Israel will be coming into inheritance again, says the Spirit of the Lord. Read further and learn how to pray for the nation of Israel.



2018 is a year the nation of Israel will be bold as a Lion, the nation of Israel will come into the inheritance again. As the Lord promised in the year 2016,  to establish Israel in 2017:

" For our Lord is one God, oh Israel, This is going be a year that I will bring establishment to the nation of Israel. No longer shall the nation of Israel be a tenant on the land, I will bring establishments to the nation of Israel and I will eliminate all her foes, one after the other. Why would you then the heathen rage against the Lord and His anointed? For the Lord will laugh at your downfall because you have taken counsel against the Lord.'' - Item 15 on LightHill Prophecies

He indeed brought to fruition His word even as the U.S President, President Trump recognized Israel as the capital of Jerusalem in 2017.


In 2018, I will establish the nation of Israel even further. Many will try to calculate times, but the time is not even is not near, however,  live your life as if Christ is coming tomorrow. The only ones who will understand the times are the ones who live in the spirit. The  Pharisees tried to predict the times, they missed it, for the savior was born right under their noise - says the spirit of the Lord.




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