Europe and United Kingdom: 2018 Prophetic Word for Europe and the UK

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2018 Prophecies for Europe and United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The Lord says concerning the Prime Minister of UK, to take caution, so that the Kingdom will not be turned away from you into the hands of your neighbor. There is going to be a big shift in the United Kingdom as a whole. The carpet shall be slid off the feet of the rulers.

There’s still a remnant that will not bow to Baal, and the Lord promises to show the remnant His mercy.

France : 2018 Prophetic Word for France

The Lord wants us to pray for the nation of France that the love of this strange idol will cease and  the people will return back to the Lord. Concerning the nation of France, I see a bottle turned upside down and the spirit of the Lord says this signifies the national reserve. I saw the bottle turned upside down, which means there is nothing in the reserve indicating scarcity of cash.

Tremor Across Europe


The Lord says, there will be tremor between member states and movements will be restricted. Pray for the continent of Europe as a whole.


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