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Prophetic words inspired by the Holy Spirit concerning the nations of Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

In 2018, many African nations will encounter transfer of funds from the Middle East The Lord wants the believers around the world to pray against massive blood shed across Africa.


The Lord showed me vision where I saw a lot of bloodshed in the 2019 Nigerian elections. It will be a revolutionary blood bath. The younger ones are coming to declare such liberal viewsws and opinons, but for young ones who come forward with an unconsecrated heart will only bring the nation to ruin like Rehoboam, the son of Solomon.

Pray for the nation of Nigeria, as I am moving through that nation, for voices which does not belong to the Lord will try to rise up to simulate the voice of the Lord. These voices intend to move aforward to expand the left over agenda of evil movements that it is in no way recommendations of what the Lord wants to do.  


Nigerian Politics


The spirit of Awolowo is rising up again, where people try to govern with their intellects. There are parties being formed with his idealogy,  wanting to bring back theories from that era, but without the power of the Lord - there won’t be any change in Nigeria.  Nigeria needs the power of God for a change to take place. The Southwest has an opportunity to be in power again, says the spirit of the Lord.


For another seed of Nnamdi Azikwe is coming up. I saw a vision where they team up with the seed of Awolowo or someone who embodies Awolowo, they’ll team up to emerge as leaders, but most importantly, they’ll need the power of God to succeed. If they try to do it all on their own, it’ll lead no where.



For the Lord is about to move across Africa, Zambia, I will displace the rod of the wicked. I will bring forth my leader, from out of nothing - says the spirit of the Lord.

Prayer focus for African Nations in 2018

We pray against blood bath in Nigeria’s 2019 elections

We pray that only candidates with consecrate heart, a heart after God, will rise up into leadership.

As the Lord move across Africa, let peace, love and unity reign.

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