The Ebenezer Gabriels Ministries (EGM) is the ministry of Ebenezer and Abigail Gabriels. EGM shares the unfiltered message of the cross, builds worship altars and intercedes for the nations. We are is called to build an army of fearless worshippers who worship YHWH day and night, prophetic intercessors who keep watch over the gate of nations and sound Bible addicts who live in the understanding of the Word of God. It is our desire, to see all sons and daughters who have wandered away to return back to Jesus Christ, and that Heaven is our ultimate goal.  

Ebenezer Gabriels is a called as a Minstrel, Prophetic Voice and in the marketplace as Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Software Engineer. Ebenezer worships on the Piano and a few other musical instruments. Abigail is called as a Worshipper, Pastor and in the marketplace as a Data Scientist. Abigail worships on the Saxophone and blows the Shofar. Ebenezer and Abigail are married, and their marriage is a testimony of the resurrection power of Yahweh.  

The EGM is a manifestation of the Act 2 experience to the glory of God. It is their desire, to see all sons and daughters who have wandered away to return back to Jesus Christ, and that Heaven is our ultimate goal. Together, the Lord led them to plant Lighthill Church, Maryland, USA. 



As a child, the word of the Lord came to his mother, that her son a servant of God. Growing up, Prophet Ebenezer grew up in church as a worshipper, and lived in-and-out-of rebellion until the Lord saved him. When he got saved and delivered, he sought God deeply to discover the One whom had shown Him so much love in from the foundation of his life. He would go on extended dry fast, worship and prayers for the love of God. The Lord's visitation flowed in, and he received the assignment to lead God's people into pure worship.


In June 2016, while worshipping  at home with my family, I heard the voice of the Lord, saying to me, "I have delivered you from the furnace of afflication. I  am calling you to a place of deeper consecration. I’ll teach you my ways, I will be your teacher, I'll show you my words, I will converse with you like a man speaks to His friends beyond every shadow of doubt. I am restoring the ancient altars and releasing the spirit of true worship to lift up my name on earth.  I have given unto you the mantle of worship and I am sending you  to cultivate worshippers, and provide an atmosphere for my people to encounter me through undiluted worship. Lead my people back to me in worship".  

Following this encounter, subsequent visions and words were received. Together with his wife, they started to host worship & prayer meetings, lead bible study groups, help people walk in greater spiritual power through leading of the Holy Spirit in their ministry.